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The Over The Hill Gang

The Over The Hill Gang
Let's ride! Riders are Jerry Cole, Billy Niverson, John Nave, Jack McClain, Larry Davis, Larry Burk, Merle Combs, Charles Thomas, Art Adrianson, Larry Miller.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dixie..

We decided to ride up to Syracuse, Indiana today. We ate lunch at Gabriel's, before the ride. There were eight of us at lunch--Charles Thomas, Larry Burk, John Nave, Larry Davis, Jerry Cole, Billy Niverson, Art Adrianson, and Merle Comb. We talked about cars, riding, TV shows, China, and listening to Randy's Record Shop when we were young men. Do any of you remember WLAC Gallatin, Tennessee and Ernie's Record Mart and Randy's Record Shops? Listening late at night, 1510 on your AM dial? Click on this link for a little history lesson:  Randy's Records

After lunch seven of us rode to Wabash (Billy had an appointment), where Larry Burk and Art Adrianson left for home. Five of us rode to Syracuse where we stopped at McDonald's for ice cream and coffee. On the way back south we stopped to see The Dixie in North Webster. I'd not seen The Dixie since I was a kid. It was a great thrill, back then, to ride around Lake Webster on a paddle wheel boat, The Dixie. Probably still is a thrill! :) A little movie:

And some pictures (click pictures to enlarge):

Gabriel's where we ate:

The sign at The Dixie dock:

The Dixie bow:

Side view of The Dixie:

She will start touring Lake Webster this weekend, Memorial Day, 2012. The Dixie website: The Dixie

I rode 123 mile--temps in the low 80s, no wind. Very nice ride with good friends.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Indian Lake Is The Place You Can Take..

Merle has wanted to ride over to Indian Lake, Ohio for a few weeks, so we rode over there today. First, we stopped at Pullman Bay Restaurant, Celina, Ohio for lunch. Here's looking out the restaurant window overlooking St. Mary's Lake, Celina:

(Click all pictures to enlarge)

There must have been a motorcycle rally somewhere, as we saw 50-60 motorcycles riding around the point at St. Mary's lake in groups of 10 to 20 bikes.

After lunch, Larry Burk rode home as he didn't want to go as far as we were going--to Indian Lake. It's only about 35 miles east of Celina to Indian Lake. Here's a map:

It looks like this, up close:

As you can see, the lake has many islands, some tied together with bridges and causeways. The main town there is Russells Point.  Merle led us from Russells Point, up over the bridges and causeways to Seminole Island, which we rode all the way around. Here's a track of our ride around the lake:

Here's a video of us riding into the Indian Lake area:

We stopped at the bottom of the lake at the spillway (overflow dam on the map) that handles the overflow of the lake:

Here's John Nave, Merle Combs, and Billy Niverson at Indian Lake:

After riding around the lake, we stopped at McDonalds for an ice cream sundae. The McDonalds at Russells Point has boat docks in the back so you can boat in, dock, and eat at McDonalds. There was even an Amish boy and girl in a horse and wagon eating there! After ice cream, we rode on home.

I rode 213 miles. Seven hours all together, and got home a little before 6:00PM

Riding today-Merle Combs, Larry Davis, John Nave, Larry Burk, and Billy Niverson.

It was hot - 88 degrees, little wind.

The last hour was one too many in the saddle, but it was a good ride. Thanks Merle for thinking of the destination and for leading the ride. It's always nice to see something new.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Once again I had to leave the ride early, so here's what I experienced before leaving the ride. Nine of us met today at Five Points Mall and rode to Cammack Station for lunch. Here's what the restaurant looks like inside:

(As always, click on pictures and maps to make larger)


The food is good, if "pricey." Service is a little slow. It's nice to see all the gas pumps and signs there. Old tractors. etc.

Jack McClain, Larry Burk, and Larry Davis left the ride after lunch. The rest of the guys were riding to Winchester for pie, ice cream, and coffee at Mrs. Wick's, I believe. Larry Burke led, and he and I rode back home through rural roads near Upland. Jack McClain rode home. Nice ride today. Warm temperatures in the 70s.

Riding today were Merle Combs, Larry Miller, Larry Davis, Larry Burke, Jack McClain, Jerry Cole, Art Adrianson, John Nave, and Billy Niverson.

I made a map, so if anyone wants to ride or drive to Cammack Station to eat, you can find it. It's 1/2 mile south of IN 332 off Gaston-Yorktown Road (N 600 County Road W). IN 332 turns into McGalliard Road in Muncie. Turn south on Gaston-Yorktown Pike (N 600 County Road W) (3 miles east of I69) and go 1/2mile south to Jackson Street East. Turn east (left) on Jackson Street and go into Cammack. The restaurant is at the stop sign (on your left or north side) in Cammack. You can also go to Gaston and drive south all the way to Jackson Street on the Gaston-Yorktown Pike (N 600 County Road W) which is the main north-south street through Gaston.

Here's two maps of our ride while I was on it:

After I got home, I rode to see my niece and her husband (Anna Mae and Curt Warren) in Sims. I rode 111 miles altogether.

Here's a smaller map of Cammack:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Short Ride Today..

Eight of us met at the mall parking lot today. We rode to the Country Post Restaurant at Huntington for lunch. The waitress was nice enough to take this picture of our group:

 (Click on picture to make larger)

After lunch Merle led us along the Wabash River to Wabash. By this time, I was not feeling well so I cut the ride short and rode home. The group rode on west to Peru, I think.

Riding today--and from left to right in the picture above--Billy Niverson, Charlie Thomas, John Nave, Larry Davis, Merle Combs, Larry Miller, Jack McClain, and in front, nearest the camera, Dave Payne.

The weather was great-temperatures in the 70s--I rode 67 miles.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Culver Ride

Only four of us today-Merle Combs, Larry Davis, John Nave, and Billy Niverson. Merle lead us up to Culver, in northern Indiana. First, we ate lunch at Ugalde's near Grissom AFRB. We had a scare near Kewanna when we went around a 90 degree turn at about 10 miles per hour. It felt like someone had dropped oil on the road over a tar strip. Merle kept his bike upright by putting his foot down, my bike's rear end slid over a little, as did John's bike. Billy had no problem with it. No one went down, so no harm done, unless Merle comes up limping. We stopped at the McDonald's on US 31, near Argos, for Coffee and Ice Cream. On the way back home we stopped at Tippecanoe High School, about five miles north of Akron, to look at the wind turbine there.

We rode about 165 miles--temperature in the 70s, light wind. Very nice ride. Thanks Merle for leading.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bippus and beyond..

Odd, how small minds think alike! I was thinking about riding to Roanoke for lunch when riding into the mall today. After forming up for the ride, Jerry Cole and John Nave told me they had been thinking the same thing! So, off we rode for lunch at Nick's Junction at Roanoke:

After a nice lunch (don't order the Breaded Cheeseburger! What was I thinking!), Larry Miller rode home to mow his yard, and the rest of us rode west on E 900 N. I say we rode west, and the map says we rode west, but it always seems like we are going north out of Roanoke! I think it has to do with the gradual curve in US 24 as you ride from Huntington to Roanoke. It always turns me around. We ran into a detour on E 900 N, but finally made it to South Whitley. From there, we rode to North Manchester for coffee and ice cream at McDonald's. I was glad to get off the bike for awhile as the wind was gusting something fierce! My helmet must have looked like a bobble doll!

After leaving North Manchester, we reached the highlight of our ride--a ride through Bippus--although, not a lot had changed since we were there last. Merle lead us down south to Andrews, and we finished the ride by riding along the Wabash River back to Wabash and home.

Seven rode today--Merle Combs, Art Adrianson, Larry Miller, Jerry Cole, Larry Davis, John Nave, and Billy Niverson.

I rode 125 miles and the temperatures were in the 80s with wind gusts up to 35mph.

I was glad to get home and mow the yard. Too much wind for me.