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The Over The Hill Gang

The Over The Hill Gang
Let's ride! Riders are Jerry Cole, Billy Niverson, John Nave, Jack McClain, Larry Davis, Larry Burk, Merle Combs, Charles Thomas, Art Adrianson, Larry Miller.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I've been away for a while..

Due to family illness, I've been away for a while. I've only ridden three or four times this year, but I got away for a ride with the gang yesterday. Five of us rode down to Gaston to the Mill Street Inn for lunch. It was hot, 91 degrees, but as long as we were moving it wasn't bad at all. After lunch, Merle lead us over to IN 3 and then north to Eaton. We rode the back roads to Hartford City, then Upland, and home. I road 77 miles total, and enjoyed being back riding with the guys. There were five of us riding today..Merle Combs, Charles Thomas, Larry Burke, Billy Niverson, and myself.

Sorry, no pictures of us. Maybe next rime.

Mill Street Inn: