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The Over The Hill Gang

The Over The Hill Gang
Let's ride! Riders are Jerry Cole, Billy Niverson, John Nave, Jack McClain, Larry Davis, Larry Burk, Merle Combs, Charles Thomas, Art Adrianson, Larry Miller.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breakfast at Elwood

So, be careful going over the railroad track on the east side of Elwood!  It's gotten worse!  I came clear off my seat this morning going over it.  We were riding to Richards Restaurant for breakfast.  Merle Combs, Larry Davis, Jack McClain, and Billy Niverson rode down to eat. 

Who should be at Richard's eating breakfast but Larry Burke and his daughter.  They were there with Larry's Christian riding group before going to Indianapolis for a charity "ride around the 500 mile racetrack" event.

Jack went home after breakfast.  I rode north with Merle and Billy, on IN 13 from Elwood, for a couple of  miles and then I turned off east and north on country roads until I got north of Sweester and then turned east for home.

I like to ride out in the country (slowly) and look at the scenery.  This time of year it's interesting to see how the crops are doing.  This spring was so wet that some farmers didn't get their crops planted until late and a few fortunate ones got theirs in early.  I saw some field corn over by Swayzee with ears on it that had silks out already!  But some corn is only three feet tall.  It's been a weird spring.

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