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The Over The Hill Gang

The Over The Hill Gang
Let's ride! Riders are Jerry Cole, Billy Niverson, John Nave, Jack McClain, Larry Davis, Larry Burk, Merle Combs, Charles Thomas, Art Adrianson, Larry Miller.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ride along the river..

We rode along the Wabash River, yesterday. But first..

Six of us met at Gabriel's for lunch. At first, I thought we'd ride away to lunch at the cafe we like at Alexandria, but Charles drove, plus he didn't feel well ("I've not been sick in forty years!"), so we ate at Gabriel's. The riders were Larry Miller, Jerry Cole, Merle Combs, Billy Niverson, and myself. After lunch, five of us rode to Anderson to visit Anderson Power Sports. I wanted to check out a new 2012 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom motorcycle they had:

I really liked it, but it will need to lowered an inch or so for me. My wife says I'm trying to find the "perfect" motorcycle, but I just want to try them all out in the time left.

After that, we rode to the aforementioned cafe at Alexandria for coffee and pie. Since John Nave got off work at 2:00PM, I called and told him we would stop by and pick him up so he could ride with us. John was waiting when we got to his house, and off we rode. Meantime, Larry Miller rode home so he could be ready for a previous engagement.  Five of us rode over to Swayzee, and then onward on IN13 to Wabash. We turned right on Hill Street in Wabash and rode along the Wabash River to Lagro, Andrews, and to Huntington:

Wabash River on the left-riders in front of me-Merle was nice enough to lead us, John is next back with Jerry Cole just in front of me. Billy was following me, taking up the rear.

We stopped at McDonald's at Huntington for coffee and ice cream sundaes, and then rode home.

The weather was great (near 80 degrees) and the ride was really nice, I rode 147 miles and used 2.8 gallons of $4.14 gas for 52.2 MPG

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